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Principles of Economics
in Context

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Principles of Economics in Context

GDAE's newest text combines Microeconomics in Context and Macroeconomics in Context to offer a full presentation of economic issues in real world context including economic, environmental, behavioral, and social issues. Order examination copies, view an online sample, and request teaching materials for Principles of Economics in Context.

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The Global Development And Environment Institute (GDAE) is a research institute at Tufts University dedicated to promoting a better understanding of how societies can pursue their economic and community goals in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. GDAE pursues its mission through original research, policy work, publication projects, curriculum development, conferences and other activities.


The 2014 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought
Watch lectures by Angus Deaton and James K. Galbraith on Health, Inequality, and Public Policy

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More on a Rights-Based Approach to the Global Food Crisis
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See an assessment of the current state of economics theory and education quoting GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin.

See a feature on Researcher Julie A. Nelson

Climate Change

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